Live Learning with Lori

Get everyone involved and on board with the most effective way to learn – live training! INDEAL U offers the following full-day learning sessions at your location. Contact us at to get your learning experience scheduled.

Presenting to WIN!

Customer presentations can be a common source of stress for almost any salesperson. The truth about presentations however, is that they do not have to be stressful! The other truth is that at times we must perform when the stakes are high, the investment is great, and the goal is to WIN! The sales professional that can overcome their fears and demonstrate enthusiasm, passion and knowledge while presenting stands the best chance of winning the business. Each attending participant will join their colleagues in a highly interactive full-day workshop that will result in a ten minute presentation.

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SMART Selling in the Contract Furniture Industry

This interactive program is a real world and scenario-based full day that focuses on the soft skills required to Read, Relate, Respond (R3) and sell strategically to every customer’s unique and specific needs for commercial environments. The goal is to prepare the salesperson for the first meeting with their customer and for every meeting thereafter. Sales professionals that are prepared, knowledgeable, and informed stand the best chance of gaining that most important next appointment. This program concludes with a voluntary role play. All modules covered throughout the day will be practiced in this fun, team-based activity.

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Available Late Summer 2019: Prospecting in the Digital Era

There are many ways that an office furniture sales person can build new business. However, not all methodologies work for all sales people. In this course, various methods of prospecting for business will be discussed and practiced. This is a results driven course that examines the various ways to build our contract furniture business in the digital era.

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Available Late Summer 2019: The Time Life Connection – Set Those Goals!

Time cannot be managed. People, however, can be more efficient in their use of time. This program will result in the participants understanding of how they currently spend their time, versus how they should and could, to be more efficient and to gain more LIFE. With a strong emphasis on goal setting (personal and professional), prioritizing, and the effective use of their resources, participants will have the motivation and the tools to work smarter. Time is money…

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