A Day of Live Learning at Scott Rice

What a day it was!

It’s often the case that busy adult learners struggle to find the time or enthusiasm to do so; however, we found an exception with the team from Scott Rice, a Steelcase dealer in Kansas.  Sales, project managers, designers and management all ‘checked out’ of the office for a day, so they could ‘check in’ to learn.

“Presenting to Win” is a dynamic and challenging course.  After a morning of learning how to structure every presentation, key tips for presenters, and some hilarious ‘circle work,’ the teams created presentations to incorporate their newfound skills.  The group of 27 was divided into four teams, each finishing the day with a presentation to a purchasing team.  These were scenariobased, with two teams presenting to a typical corporation, one focusing on the education sector, and the other healthcare – a team role play of sorts.  Sound intimidating?  It most always does, but not for the Scott Rice team – these learners showed up in a BIG way! 

This feedback from Deke Rohrbach summarizes the experience for all:

“When you talked about ‘Presenting to Win’ at the Champions Conference, I knew that it was something that Scott Rice needed to do, and the sooner the better.  We are so happy that we did!  I have received so many positive comments from everybody who attended.  Our sales people never like to give up valuable selling time for this sort of exercise and there was the usual amount of grumbling about an all-day event.  However, they have all expressed to me how worthwhile they found it to be and how they are already putting what they learned into practice.”

Deke also passed on a comment she received from one of her team members:

“Of all of the learning ops we’ve had, this was probably the best I can remember.  I refreshed some old ideas and learned some new ones. The teambuilding was great.  Learning some structure, organizational ideas and current trends/touchpoints was invaluable.  I was dreading the long day and it flew by!”

Fly it did! Thanks to the Scott Rice team for showing up the way they did, and for an exhilarating day to remember.

— Lori

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