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Sales 101 – a series that will spark your sales knowledge and step up your game, whether you’re new to the industry or have been here for a while.

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Rob Langejans

Rob Langejans

The 3 Musts to Create Buyer Value

What’s It About?
Today’s buyer expects more from sellers. Doing what you’ve always done just isn’t enough to win their interest or their business. Learn the “3 Musts” that sellers need to bring to every conversation with the buyer, along with data on how buyers make decisions. This session will help ensure you’re top of mind for clients ready to select a dealer.  

What Will You Learn?
– How to Identify the three “musts” needed to bring value to buyers in the sales process
– How to apply one of the three to your buyer communications
– How to plan for upcoming customer meetings with a new approach

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