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INDEAL U Learning Journey

What To Expect

This week’s focus on our summer-long learning journey is Sales 201, designed to take your knowledge to the next level. Tune into curated content to ensure you’re well informed for client conversations that can lead to purchasing decisions.

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LeAnn Pashina
Sales & Communication Expert, Founder
Creatively Communicate

Understanding Your Prospects

When Is It? 
Tuesday, July 12 at 1 pm EDT

What’s It About?
Companies spend millions of dollars annually teaching their people how to sell, instead of investing in exploring the main question that matters to the bottom line: “Why do they buy?”. Discover a simple method to apply psychology to buyology.

What Will You Learn?
– How to connect quickly and on a deeper level with your prospects
– How to maximize your influence and close sales faster
– How to communicate clearly and effectively in any situation
– Know what triggers the ‘Yes’ or tripwires the ‘No’ in the sales process

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