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Here’s to another week of learning! This time, you’ve got access to a series of videos aimed at making sure you’re well-equipped to address some of the most prevalent trends in today’s workspaces, from wellness and ergonomics to the hybrid workforce.   

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Bonus Broadcast

Regan Donoghue

Regan Donoghue
Workforce Strategist,

Understanding Cognitive Collaboration

When Is It? 
Tuesday, July 26 at 1 pm EDT

What’s It About?
In this fast-paced world, we heavily rely on technology to aid our human efforts. How can we utilize the dawn of machine learning and AI to enhance our emotional intelligence – the part that makes us, as humans, superior? This session looks at recent changes along with new opportunities to develop more meaningful collaboration strategies.

What Will You Learn?
– How to manage mixed presence communications 
– Building essential human skills
– How to motivate employees to return
– The true purpose of the office 

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