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This week’s journey takes a look at key industry players to help you get a better understanding of their role and how they can impact important planning ​​​​​​​and purchasing decisions.

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Brian Johnson
Head of Sales,
Pillar Booth

Working With The Next Generation Of Customers

When Is It? 
Tuesday, August 2 at 1 pm EDT

What’s It About?
As our industry gets younger, so do our customers. Join us to hear the younger generation’s perspective on working with clients. We’ll discuss strategies that can be adapted to help you stay relevant and enable you to grow business and expand your network. The future of our work starts now, so let’s move forward together! 

What Will You Learn?
– Best practices to connect with a new generation of customers
– How to grow and build the best “selling process” to reach new clients 
– What you can do to stay ahead of our changing industry

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