How Can Employees Plan to Survive and Thrive While Coming Back After COVID?

Almost every employee in the world is now concerned with how to survive and thrive in a Post Covid World. Many employees are thinking of jumping jobs and industries, however, no matter what is going on it is critical for employees to take charge at what they can control, themselves. So how does one deliver their best self to work and help their team to do the same. There are a few tried and true methodologies and tools that organizations and their managers can adopt to survive and thrive. What are the areas individual managers can focus on to succeed? Well they start with personal mindset, migrate though a team or organizational approach and end with the ability to communicate value propositions clearly and through story. Take a quick look at what you can personally do to help survive and thrive.


Aug 17 2021


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


INDEAL U Virtual Session