Fresh Fast Facts Have Landed

Now is the perfect time to catch up on some videos in INDEAL U, so the team has been busy filming new goodies for you to enjoy while living the #WFH life.

Seven new lessons are now available within Fast Facts:

  • COMs & SQs: What in the World are Those?
  • Customer Needs: They Told Us What They Want (What They Really, Really Want)
  • Under Pressure: Different Types of Laminates
  • Selling Storage: Why 42 Inches is a No-Brainer
  • Leather Lingo: Bonded vs. Genuine
  • Healthcare and Beyond: High Traffic Seating 101
  • What’s the Word: Seating Acronyms and Terminology

So, wanna know what Lori’s been up to, and why she’s rocking those safety glasses? Tune in to find out and stay tuned because there are more where those came from!

Head to our video library to continue (or begin!) your learning journey today.