Introducing the Learner of the Month Program – and our First Winner!

Just WOW! INDEAL U has reached a milestone of more than one thousand users in less than a year since our launch, and engagement with our video library and interactive webinars continues to grow. We’re feeling inspired to recognize the achievements of those dedicating themselves to their learning journey.

To acknowledge the efforts of our learners, we’re choosing a winner from the most active to be our INDEAL U Learner of the Month! The criteria for selection begins with obvious metrics like lessons completed and webinars attended.  From here, we dig a little deeper to ensure that the person we choose as our Learner of the Month embodies what the program is all about – a passion for continuous learning and the knowledge to succeed in this ever-evolving industry.

Besides bragging rights, there’s a little swag involved, and shoutouts from us – like here on the blog, in our newsletters, and on social media! Speaking of, it’s time to announce July’s winner…

Elliott Peace, Storr Office Environments

Elliott Peace of Storr Office Environments took top honors as our first Learner of the Month. Elliott met all of our winning criteria and in addition completed an incredible 59 lessons within our video library!

We asked Elliott how he sees himself applying what he’s learned with INDEAL U to his current or future roles in the industry.  Here’s what he told us:

“The lessons presented through INDEAL U should prove beneficial through all aspects of my future role within the contract industry. I see myself applying the terminology and principles taught here throughout my daily responsibilities – to everything from client meetings and presentations, to specifications to my actual design work!”

It’s important that we’re adding learning content our subscribers need, so we asked Elliott what he’d like to see added in the future.

“While the content INDEAL U provides now is an excellent foundation on which to build, it might be nice to see more attention being given to the aspect of customer/client relations. Particularly the types of conversations that may be uncomfortable or difficult to have; i.e. budgetary restraints, ill-advised specification choices and/or unrealistic timelines.”

Of his INDEAL U experience as a whole, he said:

“The information I have learned through the INDEAL U experience provided an excellent foundation of general knowledge and vocabulary, while helping to reassure myself that I can be successful in this industry. The lessons presented instilled an added sense of confidence to aid in my new role as Project Coordinator for Storr Office Environments.”

Thanks for inspiring us, Elliott – we admire your commitment to your dealership and to YOU!