NEW Live Session: Ergonomics – The Assessment

In March of 2020 office employees around the globe moved their work to a home office. While deemed advantageous in many ways, this has presented challenges when it comes to ensuring employee health. A return to the traditional office could uncover many MSD’s and RSI’s – a result of WFH employees who have physically overcompensated, due to a lack of proper ergonomic tools. Before wecan re-imagine a ‘new normal’ at work, we must first become ‘ergo-detectives’.

Upon completion of this new course you will understand:

  • The economic impact of workplace injuries on the employee and employer
  • ‘Anthopometrics’ and apply these principles to proposed solutions
  • How to describe the ‘ideal seated and standing position’ relative to the user’s tasks
  • How to identify current gaps and complete a full ergonomic assessment using the interactive tool
  • How to translate current gaps to recommend the best product solution
  • Have a plethora of ‘ergo tips and tricks’ to promote optimum health and wellness throughout the workday

This session is highly interactive. Come prepared to participate and be a part of the solution! Sign up for the next Ergonomics virtual session to learn how to complete a full ergonomic assessment of a workstation and how to translate that to the best product solutions for your clients.