Per Your Request, Our Ancillary Webinar is Here

More ancillary content has been the most popular request from our learners, so since you asked nicely, we fast-tracked our live webinar, “Ancillary – The Strategy,” which is now available to dealerships subscribed to webinar access!

With hundreds of ancillary manufacturers available to your dealership, how do you choose where to begin? This can be daunting, to say the least. Fortunately, the INDEAL U team has created a webinar to help you do just that!

We begin by answering the very important Why, When and How questions:

  • Why sell ancillary products? 
  • When should I be positioning these solutions?
  • How do I select the best suppliers by product category?

Take a deep breath! Just kidding… it’s not as difficult as it seems. Our goal for this program is to provide you with your own personal Ancillary Supplier Roadmap. It’s your personal plan to customize, based on the criteria that we set out for you. With this tool, you will see that this order and process makes perfect sense! 

Tune in to the next ancillary webinar to learn more about the suppliers that will be important to you as you move forward in your career.  We’ve even created an “easy button!” Join us soon for this fun and insightful hour of learning.