Virtual Session Updates for 2021

We know that learning this biz is no small feat and our learners’ commitment is admirable, to say the least. It’s precisely this commitment that inspires us to make sure we remain current with our live virtual sessions. If rapid, unpredictable change is our new norm, then we know that 2021 will be no exception. 

INDEAL U currently provides seven live virtual sessions. In the first quarter of 2021 we will add a new session – a study in Modern Ergonomics that will target the entire work environment, because it’s not just about the chair!  We’ll look at all elements of the workplace that involve user control.

Upon completion of the ergonomics session, you’ll be prepared to recommend a custom solution – one that supports every user in their quest to complete their tasks in a healthy way. And we’ll include an assessment tool that will guide you through the evaluation process. This is how we add real value for our customers.

Our existing sessions will also be updated to include what’s happening in our world today. This will include updates from our brand partners that address your customers’ current challenges and future needs. That said, predicting the future can be tricky. This is precisely why, we at INDEAL U, are committed to continuing with live sessions that will remain current, fluid and relevant. If dramatic change is the ‘new norm’ then we are prepared to shift, as needed.

Come and shift into 2021 with us! We’ll see you there.