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These one hour live sessions (aka webinars) offer the opportunity to learn more about important product features and distinctions to help you sell smarter. Below is more information on each of the industry overview sessions that INDEAL U currently offers.

Our virtual sessions are also available on-demand in our Video Library so you can watch them on your own schedule! If your dealership isn’t subscribed to our virtual sessions, just reach out to to get signed up!

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The Office Furniture Industry – An Overview

Industry Overview

This course includes a broad introduction to the office furniture industry and will provide the new salesperson with a “big picture view” of the industry as a whole.

Download our course synopsis PDF to learn more.

Seating – An Overview

This course includes an introduction to the category of seating in the office furniture industry to improve the salesperson’s overall knowledge of the category and increase their level of confidence when selling seating. Strong emphasis will be placed on qualifying, positioning/recommending (all categories) and how to demonstrate a task chair.  

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Filing and Storage – An Overview

Filing and Storage

An introduction to the category of storage will increase the salesperson’s skill level and confidence when qualifying and positioning storage products. Sales mistakes cost money and this category is often overlooked when it comes to qualifying ‘the need.’ The Storage Qualification Tool will result in a product recommendation/solution that meets the specific need for your customer. 

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Casegoods – An Overview

This module is an introduction to casegoods and their application, with an emphasis on qualifying the opportunity by asking intelligent and relevant questions from the very first meeting with the customer. Dealers save time and money when salespeople provide the best information to CAD/Design. When your in-house designers receive properly scaled drawings and the salesperson has effectively qualified the opportunity, the sale will go from concept to PO faster, saving time and money for all!

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Systems, Benching and Walls – An Overview


This module is intended to demystify systems furniture and walls, with a strong emphasis on qualifying, understanding scale, and working with designers to expedite the sale to ensure an outcome that meets the customer’s desired outcome. The Customer Assessment Tool (CAT), when effectively utilized, will result in an inspiring, productive workplace that supports the work people do and accommodates the way people work.

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Ancillary Corporate Accessories – An Overview

Grow EVERY sale! It is common for a new salesperson to think of the furniture-related aspect of the corporate environment when it comes to selling. However, there are many ancillary products that will be purchased for every commercial space. Waste bins, whiteboards, wall art, ergonomic accessories, common gaming areas and many ancillary products will increase your sales and your overall GP!

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Healthcare – An Overview


Are you a fit for healthcare sales in the contract furniture industry?

Those who excel as specialists in this sector have dedicated themselves to understanding the unique challenges of the decision-makers. Selling in the healthcare industry requires compassion and the understanding that all decisions are made in the best interests of the patients, their families, and their caregivers.

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Furniture for Public Spaces – The Finishes

As a pandemic continues to challenge, we must recognize that finish selection plays a critical role in creating safe environments for every public space. Product features once considered exclusive to the healthcare sector, are now the “new norm.” This live virtual session will continually evolve as forward-thinking furniture manufacturers respond to the demands of today with the knowledge that the next superbug could be right around the corner.

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Ergonomics – The Assessment

Ergonomics The Assessment

This course is a study of the modern-day work environment.  In March of 2020, many office employees around the globe moved their work to a home office.  While deemed advantageous in many ways, this has presented challenges when it comes to ensuring employee health. Before we can re-imagine a ‘new normal’ at work, we must first become ‘ergo-detectives’.

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